Thursday, October 8, 2009

34 Weeks

So, I've done a terrible job updating this blog and posting pictures of my tummy.  So here you go, here is the most recent picture.  Pretty big, I think.  Although, I get told almost daily by someone new how small I am.  "You're due in November?  Impossible!"  Quite possible, I assure you.  And my personal favorite, "You can't even tell you're pregnant from the back."  Well then, obviously you don't remember what I used to look like from the back.  People, my back, hips, and ever stretching skin can tell you that I am indeed having this baby soon.    

I have 6 more weeks left, give or take.  Hopefully give, being that my mom didn't schedule her flight down here until the day after my due date.  I think I need my mommy this time, Mark is as clueless as I am, if not more.  We are slowly but surely getting the nursery ready (pictures coming soon).  It makes me so excited!!  I just go in there right now and sit for a while.  Yes, I am going to be one of those weird parents that just watch my baby sleep.  I washed all the baby clothes and blankets that I have already in Dreft so its extra soft for my little boy.  Its so weird and fun to think that soon a little baby will be in those clothes and sleeping in that crib and be mine forever and ever!  

As far as pregnancy woes are concerned, I think I have been spared the horrendous ones.  All in all I am still feeling pretty good and can mostly walk normal.  I do have back and hip pain a lot of the time, mostly at night when I am trying to sleep.  I guess Heavenly Father planned it pretty well when he planned pregnancy.  I wake up every hour or two to turn over (which is a quite the process now a days) or go to the bathroom - which will hopefully prepare me somewhat for those night time feedings.  I don't really get heartburn, but I get some big time acid reflux and indigestion.  For a while there I thought maybe my morning sickness was coming back, but I learned it was just indigestion.  The acid reflux is just not fun, but luckily tums seem to help these lovely side effects of pregnancy well enough.  I do miss being able to pick myself up off the floor, get up off the couch or out of bed, and bend over.  Mark thinks its hilarious to watch me roll off the bed until my feet can reach the floor and I can pull myself up.  And when I drop something, I groan in displeasure that I have to somehow pick it up.  Luckily at school I have 28 five year olds who are more than happy to rush to my aid.  Mark isn't quite as eager. . . hahaha :)  I also miss breathing.  I find myself out of breath and dizzy for no reason.  However, all not so fun symptoms aside, I love being pregnant and feeling him move and knowing that soon he will be here with me.  Sometimes I feel like we play games.  I push down on a part of my stomach and he kicks or moves something across that spot.  Then I change spots and he follows me.  I do this for a while and I just love it!  I am so excited (well not for labor and what not) but to have him in my arms!  I can't wait!!!