Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slowest Moving Pregnancy EVER

It's been a week...1 stinkin' week. Ugh! Today I am 5 weeks. Didn't I write that initial 4 week post weeks ago? Nope...just days. Still not feeling much. Boobs are still sore and the cramps have practically disappeared. I seem to already have pregnancy brain. I forget everything and can never think of words. I get randomly hungry sick if I don't eat, but that is all - not that I'm complaining. I did take another pregnancy test yesterday morning and it increased to 2-3, which puts me at 4-5 weeks which is what I am so at least my hcg is rising - not sure how fast - but it's rising. I still haven't called kaiser. I think I'll wait until 6 weeks. Hopefully this week goes by a little bit faster.

Update: Mark says my main symptom right now is moodiness. Apparently I go from lovey dovey to "I HATE YOU" and then back again in seconds. He says he just blames it on the pregnancy and ignores me. Probably the best reaction at this point..... Sorry Marky!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Second Try's a Charm

We're pregnant again!!! I took this test this morning- the day my period was supposed to show up. So I'm exactly 4 weeks. Estimated due date: March 31. I feel cautiously optimistic but still worried. I remember feeling this way with Tyler, since his pregnancy followed my first miscarriage. It's so hard to hope after loss sometimes. But I'm trying not to let those negative feelings take over. 

Symptoms wise I'm feeling pretty good. Slightly sore boobs and some cramps. I've decided to be grateful for the cramps. I had cramps with Tyler and Clara, but none last time. So cramps are good, right? I hope I feel sick soon. (I can't believe I'm saying that! Ha!) That will be the real test for me. Well that and seeing a heartbeat on a screen!! Last time I never ever felt an inkling of sickness. I checked back and found I started feeling sick around 5 weeks with Tyler and 5 1/2 to 6 weeks with Clara so I can't worry yet. Still have a week or two before I can even expect much. 

I pray constantly for this little peanut!