Saturday, May 3, 2014

For Memory Sake

As of today it has been 9 days since I started miscarrying. I still have occasional spotting, but basically it's over. I had my hcg tested this morning and it was at 11! I am almost back to normal! Since I've already dealt with the loss, I'm just happy I can move on and start over. I plan on waiting one period, but after that hopefully I can get pregnant again quickly. The miscarriage process itself was not that difficult, thank goodness! I was kind of nervous. This was my first natural miscarriage so I wasn't sure what to expect. Everything online made it sound really painful and scary. But it was relatively easy actually. Like a slightly more uncomfortable period. I guess the people that post online (as with most things) are the ones that have bad experiences, not good ones. Anyway, my cramping was pretty light. The most painful part was the pressure for the first few days. It made standing up and moving around pretty uncomfortable, but I could still function. I believe I passed most everything Saturday and Sunday, about 3 days after I started bleeding. Since then it's slowly gotten lighter and lighter. Hopefully, in a few months I will be back posting about my new, healthy pregnancy!