Sunday, December 13, 2009


So, I had the baby about 4 weeks ago.... This blog is officially closed and updates on Tyler will be made on the regular Andreasen Family Blog. Thanks to all those who actually checked this blog and read my occasional (VERY occasional) updates.

To just kind of finish out the pregnancy . . . .
The last 6 weeks of pregnant life went so quickly. School kept me busy and third trimester misery hardly got me down until about a week before I had Tyler. In fact those last 6 weeks are kind of a blur. I know I was ready to have him, but still scared of the delivery. I know each doctor I saw told me he was small and would likely be past due (shows how much doctors know). I know each day of school grew more and more trying the closer I got to delivery, but some days I thought I would really miss my students (lets me honest, I haven't even thought of them since I had him). I know teachers started putting bets on how soon I would go and each day I came to school one or two would have to drop out of the race. I know that I thought I had all the time in the world so my poor sub had nothing, my room was in chaos, and Tyler was lucky to have diapers and a carseat. I know that I had absolutely no idea how much you could love!!

I will be posting the labor and delivery story on my other blog...eventually :)