Thursday, December 30, 2010

14 weeks 5 days

Due to weather/traveling problems I didn't end up having my appointment last week. Bummer. So no ultrasound. I have another appointment scheduled for the third, but I'm not sure if I'll be getting an ultrasound or not since my 18 week ultrasound is only a few weeks after that. Oh well. I'm sure everything is fine. I'm 14 1/2 weeks. Yay! Finally into my second trimester! I also think that maybe I am starting to show a wee bit. My sister said I had a pokemon belly. I'm hardly sick at all, pretty much never and I am also pretty hungry. I spent the past week in Utah with my wonderful family for Christmas and ate tons! I came home sure that I had put on some pounds, but no. What?? It must be hiding somewhere. The baby is eating it all. That is about it. I am feeling good and enjoying the easiest, most comfortable time of pregnancy. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 weeks

Apparently your first trimester isn't over until you are 13 or 14 weeks. Hmm, who knew? So I still have a week or two to go. That's fine, I wasn't planning on telling anyone yet anyway. I'm waiting for that ultrasound! I'm feeling pretty good. Morning sickness is almost gone. Some days I still get it, but its so minor I can almost ignore it or eat over it. Food aversions are also on their way out too! YAY!! So far this pregnancy has been lots easier in the morning sickness dept. Although, I've had different symptoms with this one that I never had or didn't have til the end with Tyler. Like heartburn/indigestion. I'm already eating tums. I also have a DISGUSTING taste in my mouth pretty much 24/7 and no amount of tooth brushing, Listerine rinsing, gum chewing, or mint sucking helps it. My other oh so lovely symptom is bloating. Every evening I probably add several inches to my waistline that is not baby, as it is mysteriously gone when I wake up the next day. Makes me feel cool to be "showing" already, although its a come and go belly, but hey. And last but not least, round ligament stretchy pain. I find it odd that the stretchy pain gets worse with subsequent pregnancies. You'd think, or at least I think, that since I'm already stretched out thanks to Tyler it would hurt less.... right? Apparently, according to my best friend, Google, I'm wrong. You get worse round ligament pains with each pregnancy. All in all I'm feeling pretty good. I would take these symptoms over morning sickness any day! Aside from the evening time bloat, I'm still not showing at all. I can still button my pants and everything. All the little baby websites say for sure I'm noticing some thickening in my waist. Well, actually no I'm not, but I maintain that I did all my thickening and widening with Tyler so I don't have to go through that again (as it never unthickened or unwidened). So now I'm just waiting for the baby to pop out. Makes sense right? Well, I'm getting very anxious for my ultrasound in a week and a half! By then I should be able to make out a real looking baby. Hopefully my doctor gives me a little longer than 30 seconds to see things this time :) I'll just ask him. He's a nice guy I'm sure he'll go for it. So I'll update more then!