Friday, April 24, 2009

10 weeks (and a little)

I am officially in the double digits!  10 1/2 weeks!  Why does it feel like everyone else's pregnancies move so much quicker - like my weeks are twice as long or something?  Although, last night Mark asked me if I was 7 or 8 weeks.  Excuse me?  Where have you been?  He was very surprised to hear he was 2 to 3 1/2 weeks behind.  So apparently time is moving fast for him.  I don't have much to update - I look the same and for the most part feel the same.  My hunger is increasing, which for me means I can finally eat something other than yogurt and crackers.  YAY!!  Some days are better than others.  Yesterday I hardly felt sick at all and ate a full dinner, chicken and all.  That's right.  I ate chicken.  Other days, however, leave me scowling at my food rather than eating it.  I have to say though that the good days are beginning to out number the bad days!  I may be coming to the end of this first trimester after all.  We get our 12 week ultrasound on May 7th - just a week and a half away.  I will post pictures then. 

The baby on the other hand is making lots and lots of changes.  Right now it should be somewhere between 1 1/2 inches and 2 inches, probably reaching 2 inches by 11 weeks.  What a big baby!  2 inches seems humongous to me.  I've been keeping track as this baby has gone from the size of the period at the end of the sentence, to the size of a blueberry, to the size of a raspberry, and now 2 inches!  It has separate fingers and toes, no more tail, and is growing a little face.  Did you know that each minute it develops 25,000 neurons?  I feel like I'm losing that many.  Yesterday at church I couldn't remember the young women's theme, something I have been saying since I was 12.  And at school I couldn't remember how to play a song I have had memorized for years.  Words escape me often and I find myself having blonde moments more often then not.  Come back brain!  All in all, I am happy that so far things are going so well.  Just a couple more weeks until we make this baby official news!  

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8 weeks and 5 days

I am two days away from my 9 week mark, so I would just round up and say these are my 9 week pictures.  Right now the baby should be about 1-1 1/2 inches long and my uterus a bit bigger than a large grapefruit.  According to my little widget thing, my baby is starting to look a bit more human!  YAY!!  I am looking a bit bigger, but that could be bloat as much as it is baby.  And needless to say I am completely relaxed so I let it all hang out - that is as big as I could possibly be.  Let's just say its all baby :)  I happen to be one of those crazy people who want to show fast.  Though, I might change my mind once it actually happens and once I have to try to get it all back off, but for the time being - grow baby grow!    
A bit blurry, but it's closer.  What do you think - baby or bloat??  

In symptom news, I have been feeling much better since the 8 week mark.  I hope it sticks around.  I still feel sick, but usually it goes away once I eat.  I still have an aversion to almost everything, especially chicken and hamburger!!  UGH!  Just the thought.....nasty!  I am becoming a pregnancy induced vegetarian.  However, my appetite and energy level are also coming back little by little.  In another month I hope to be eating like normal.  Keep your fingers crossed that this lasts and I just keep getting better.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to School

Today was my first day back at school as a pregnant woman.  Well I guess technically I was working from week 1-5, but I didn't feel pregnant then.  Now after a 3 week, spring break sabbatical I am back on duty at 8 1/2 weeks.  I managed to stay in denial mode until last night, then I started to get a bit scared.  What if I get sick?  What if I'm so tired I can't handle it?  What if I get so tired, it makes me sick?  What if I get so moody I yell at the kids for no reason?  What if I cry for no reason?  What if I don't have access to enough food?  What if I just can't make it through our ridiculously long day?  Now, I have been very lucky to have been spared the throwing up constant nausea thing and I have actually seen a decrease in the intense nausea in the past few days.  My appetite and energy are even slowly but surely returning, with bad days here and there.  But what if I had a bad day at school??  So last night found me praying with every ounce of faith I could muster that I would have the health and energy to make it through my first day back.  Prayers are answered!  Today was better than I could have imagined.  My high school students were almost pleasant!  I felt totally fine, as long as I ate, until 2:45 with only 45 minutes left of school.  I made it through all my classes with a smile on my face (although I did start to droop a bit around 1:00 - teaching is tiring business).  I can only hope for as much success my 2nd day.  Wish me luck!