Saturday, November 27, 2010

10 weeks

I'm 10 weeks today and I remember last time that felt like a HUGE milestone. The double digits! This time around it just feels like another week, obviously a good week, because I'm grateful I'm still pregnant and everything is going well, but another week nonetheless. I have to say this pregnancy has been easier than Tyler's. I know I wasn't saying that a few weeks ago, but I am pretty much done feeling sick, as long as I eat! Yay! And I have felt pretty good for the past few weeks. I am sooooo grateful for that! Night times are still the worst time of day, but it's not too bad. I decided life would be good if we had dinner in the morning and breakfast at night ;) Although, I still can't eat anything I cook - it's got to be something about being around or smelling the food for so long before it's actually ready to eat. I'm still exactly the same size and weight I was before so I won't be showing any faster this time around either. All in all things are good.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ultrasound #1

Happy Birthday to Tyler! Lucky boy got to go to the doctors with mommy on his birthday. But he did get to see his little baby bro or sis. There it is. Baby #2 in all its bloblike glory! (It's on the right in the black hole). It was a rather fast ultrasound. Probably lasted a total of 2 minutes. The doctor said, "See baby? See heartbeat? Alright, we measure and done." I was still trying to see the heart, but I think I found the flicker.

He measured the baby at 8 weeks 3 days, which would put me 2 days later than the estimated due date. But, he said he was going quickly so his measurement could be off a little and to keep the due date where it's at for now. Thank goodness, I don't want to add more time - even if it is just 2 days. The best news of all, well aside from having a healthy baby, is that I do get another ultrasound! He said he would do another one in 5-6 weeks to check growth. YAY!!! By then, hopefully the picture will look more like a baby and less like a blob. So I get an ultrasound again on Dec. 22 at about 13-14 weeks. And then the 18 week one on Jan. 25! Yay for ultrasounds! Yay for healthy babies!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Doctor Appointment

I called the doctor today to make my appointment. They scheduled two. One this Thursday, the 11th, for the blood and paper work and then one next Thursday, the 18th, (Tyler's birthday) to meet the doctor. And guess what? I get an ultrasound that day!!! Yay!! Kaiser gives you one ultrasound between 8-12 weeks and then one around 18 weeks. So this is my one and only for awhile. I will be 8.5 weeks by then. I guess we'll see how accurate the due date is. I kind of wish they gave you another one at 12 or 13 weeks or something - just to get you out in the clear after the first trimester is over, but at least I get one soon!! Yay yay yay!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

7 Weeks

You know you're pregnant when The Incredibles makes you cry. It's just such a heart warming family story you know? That's not as bad as The Office making me cry - not just cry, but sob. I don't even remember what it was that set me off, but whatever it was - yikes. The worst so far, Barney. Yep, I cried at Barney. Seriously, what is wrong with me? I don't remember being this emotional with Tyler, maybe a little here and there, but not like now. Its not that I'm sad. It just comes out of no where for no apparent reason. Just BAM tears.
In other news, I do feel sick. Not literally puke sick thank heavens, just yucky sick. I know it could be so so so much worse and I try very hard not to complain in front of my friends who do puke constantly while they're pregnant. Brave, selfless women that they are. I can still eat - some things, and do much better when someone else cooks - just like last time. I generally wake up feeling pretty normal as long as I eat, by 12-1 I feel a little yucky, then usually by 3 I'm sick for the rest of the night til I fall asleep. I'm just glad I get a break in there. Its heaven to wake up feeling decent.
In all honesty, aside from the emotional trauma that I put myself through daily, this pregnancy is pretty much the same as Tyler's so far. If I were a superstitious woman, I would say that this is a another boy, since they are so much alike. But, I'm not. If anything, I bet its a girl just because I think its a boy. Just like Tyler was a boy after I was SURE he was a girl.
I haven't called the doctor yet and got scolded by a friend for putting it off. I've heard that Kaiser doesn't give you an ultrasound til 12 weeks, so I guess I feel like its pretty much pointless to go in super early when all they'll say is, "well see you in 6 weeks - hope everything is fine. Guess we'll find out later." But, I've decided to call on Monday and set up my appt anyway. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and they'll give me one earlier. Fingers crossed! I could always ask. The worst they could say is no.
And that's that. My 7 week update!