Thursday, January 22, 2015


I finally had my final blood test and follow up appointment this week. The result: normal. All abnormal tests came back normal the second time around, meaning that most likely they were elevated from my last pregnancy. Good news.... I guess. Except, that leaves me with nothing to fix. So either its bad luck or poor egg quality. Can't do much about the egg quality so we just hope I have some really bad luck and that next time around my luck finally changes. With 3 miscarriages under my belt the statistics for a 4th miscarriage are about 40-50% and my chances for a healthy full term pregnancy is 50-60% So kind of 50/50 with the odds slightly in my favor. Can't say I particularly love those odds. All the doctor can do now is support the pregnancy any way possible - even if it's not necessarily proven to help. She put me on baby aspirin from ovulation until period or second trimester, whichever comes first. The baby aspirin is supposed to prevent blood clots and some studies have shown that it can reduce the risk of miscarriage. She is also putting me on progesterone suppositories as soon as I get a positive pregnancy test. The progesterone should support the placenta and thereby reduce the risk of miscarriage. Aside from that they just try to support me as much as they can emotionally and mentally. Studies have shown that women who feel more support and less stress have lower rates of miscarriage. The doctor I have been working with will be my doctor during my next pregnancy until I get past my first trimester and move to low risk. She told me that I will have a few extra appointments and that if I ever feel worried or scared I can call and come in for an extra ultrasound to check the baby! It will definitely help to have that reassurance. I think the hardest part of my next pregnancy will be the time between appointments. Last time I had all assurance that things should be fine and I knew that if I called in and said I was worried they would tell me I was fine. And yet, I had a dead baby inside of me for 3 weeks! My doctor said that if I called worried about the baby no one would think I was crazy, because I have a history and a reason to be worried. They will do everything they can to keep me stress free and reassured. I am so thankful for that! I was also given the go ahead to try again. I am actually really hopeful. I didn't think I would be, but I feel excited and hopeful that next time it'll stick! Hopefully I can get pregnant just as quickly this time and that everything will be perfect!

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