Wednesday, October 1, 2014

14 Weeks and Some Spotting

I am officially 14 weeks and feeling pretty dang good. The nausea is pretty much gone and so are the food aversions and such. Even the gaggy/indigestion feeling is off and on. The depression and anxiety has lifted. I've been feeling great! At least until today. I had some pink and red spotting and light cramps today. The spotting has stopped which is great, but the cramps are still there keeping me nervous. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to check the baby and make sure everything is ok. Man I was SO close to being in the "safe zone." Mentally and emotionally I feel fairly confident that things are ok or I'm in denial. Time will tell. Something in my brain just won't let me accept yet that after all this time it could be over. Hopefully I won't have to accept it. Although, I'd rather it happen now then at 20 weeks or 30 weeks or after birth. And here I was thinking that I maybe, sorta felt a movement every once in a while. Who knows? Maybe I have. Maybe I'll see an active, bouncy baby in there tomorrow.

My friends have been wonderful! One brought over cookies and another brought us dinner so I could stay laying down. It's really nice to know that when something happens I have a support group that will help take care of me! Tyler even wanted to give me a blessing. I told him he couldn't put his hands on my head and give me a blessing, but he could say a prayer and that would be like a blessing. So he said a little prayer about keeping the baby alive and helping it to be ok. Very sweet! If anything, his little faith will make this ok.    

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